Custom Internet Sales Consulting and Digital Marketing Business Action Plan

VAZZO Creative will support Internet Strategies for business. Drive traffic and increase your net profits, by leveraging the power, reach and technology of the Internet.

Goals:  Increase lead counts and market share, set up internet sales process, partner and hold vendors accountable and internal tracking, expand brand presence on social media platforms, drive unique visitors to group site, increase SEO, SEM, Video, structure and results. Overall Digital Footprint.

Lead Management/Road to the Internet Sale:  Review the lead management strategy and coach, inspire and train the team and dealership on the power, reach and technology of the internet, onsite visits throughout the month and weekly email of current action items with results.

_Create and print dealership Road to Internet Sales Playbook. Book will be branded with the dealer’s name.
_Complete all templates set loaded and schedule of Road to Internet Sale in CRM solutions.
_Implement and train on correct reporting of leads from lead receipt to sold units.
_Training and support Road to Internet Sales Process.
_Internet sales training with phone skills.
_Assist with current internet sales structure.
_Provide hiring process and job description for Internet Sales Manager, Internet Sales Consultant and Business Development Representative as needed. Department pay plans as needed.
_Provide laminated copies of the following best practices: R8 Method – working leads strategy. Objection rebuttals. Phone responses with pattern interruptions.

Marketing:  Online advertising marketing strategy to drive net profits, market share, and aggressively scale the online advertising marketing channels. Driving your digital footprint.

_Website Management Support. Complete website audit and make recommendations and take action. Partner with website provider.  Drive website traffic, lead engagement, overall conversions, SEO, creative messaging, graphic design work as needed, and more.
_Inventory photo support.
_Digital Advertising. Complete review of current strategy to engage the market and increase market share. Drive aggressive campaigns with SEM, behavioral targeting, retargeting, search retargeting, gero-fencing and more.
_Social Network.  Manage the daily, weekly and monthly strategy and reporting of Facebook (SEO). Drive engagement, content management, website traffic, community brand awareness, and more, to drive likes, comments, shares, brand, and reviews. Provide a Social Media Policy to be a part of the HR process to protect the brand of the dealership.
_Testimonials/Reviews. Makes it easy for your customers to write and publish their opinions about their experience directly from your Facebook page. Complete training classes every quarter on social media and review strategy to drive in store knowledge. Monitor on daily basis, respond and engage with fan comments, remove any negative (address) or derogatory comments, and notify you of any potential customers. Increase your organic reach. Build your brand.
_Email Marketing. Complete review of current strategy to drive targeted email campaigns and enewsletter. Drive aggressive campaigns, call to actions, content material, and increase engagement.
_Partnership. Work side by side with all companies in place to leverage the power of each solution to reflect on each other. Communicate with Executive Manager and General Managers for traditional advertising to mirror message on the internet.
_Direct Mail. Support and review all direct mail strategies for opportunity for increasing accountability and driving cost per piece lower.

Report Management and Files:  Work collaboratively with Management team to identify advertising programs based on development and current of ROI based business justification.

_Complete an internet, direct mail, and software expenses audit for overlapping solutions, expenses allocation, and cost per unit sold goals.
_ eVitals (internet sales results). Set up report custom for Dealership. Sold units by lead sources, PVR, Set Appointment, Shown Appointments, and Sold Appointments Conversion of leads.
_Social Media Facebook.
_Website and mobile website traffic.
_Market trends and Analysis growth.
_Create a custom E-Commerce Book for Dealer Principal and Executive Manager of all locations, including all solutions VAZZO is partnered with and accountable for.

Partnerships:  Invest in meeting one on one with each manager to learn areas of strengths and opportunity for improvements. Learn current processes and strategies. Demonstrate behaviors consistent with the Company’s Vision, Mission, and Values in all interactions with others. Adhere to all company policies, procedures and safety standards. Support and be resource for dealership. Support Q&A of vendor proposals and solutions for opinions.