The internet is no longer the way of the future. Everything has moved to the internet and you need someone who can help you conquer your goals and your competition. If you are going to do these things, you MUST be a player in the digital space. E-commerce is the big leagues of business and you NEED someone that can play ball on your side. What can we do for you? It's simple...

1. Evaluation - The first thing we will do when we hit the ground is a two day evaluation of certain measurables within your current internet strategy, followed by a written business action plan that we will help you implement. Our goal in reviewing current online marketing/advertising strategies is to set up an action plan that will drive net profits and aggressively scale your online channels. Initial evaluation measurables will include but not be limited to your website, social networks, reputation management, branding, email marketing, dealer/vendor relations, creative aspects, and advertising expenditures. 

2. Business Development Center- VAZZo will work closely with you to evaluate your needs as a business and fulfill those needs with the installment of a Business Development Center or Internet Sales Department. 

3. Internet Sales Consulting - We will conduct monthly internet sales consulting on site, making sure that the processes are instilled in all current andfuture employees, ensuring the success of your company. Our monthly visits will include training on the Internet Road to Sales Playbook and other methods of Internet Sales training. After defining your current lead management strategy, we will help to train and implement the lead management process. 

4. Tracking/Reporting- In order to measure the success of your new internet action plan, VAZZo will track key metrics and analytics of your digital footprint. These measurables will help us to better understand the areas that need improvement, allowing us to adjust strategy accordingly in real time. Tracking and Reporting will include but not be limited to Internet Sales Results, Advertising expenditures, ROI, Social Media, Reputation Management, Website Traffic, Keyword Ranking, Email Capture Rate, Market Trends, and Growth. 

5. CRM Training - VAZZo will train managers and sales staff on how to use Customer Realtionship Management (CRM) tools. Proper use of CRM tools within a given location always makes for better business. It will streamline the entire process of sales at your location, making everyone's job easier and more enjoyable.